JLBC Cadets, the purpose of this Cadet Guide is to spotlight your responsibilities and obligations as a member of JLBC. JLBC Cadets, you will be expected to know and comply with the policies and procedures outlined in this guide. It would help if you read, become familiar with, and often refer to the information in this guide.

JLBC Cadets are expected to keep informed and comply with all published JLBC unit orders and directions. JLBC Cadets' Ignorance of directives is not an acceptable excuse for failure to comply with their provisions. Cadets are expected to use good judgment and common sense when encountering a situation not explicitly covered by this JLBC guide or JLBC supplemental directions/instructions; they are expected to use good judgment and common sense. JLBC Cadets If there are doubts about the meaning of the directive or order, cadets should request clarification from JLBC cadet leadership. The appropriate Instructor (ASI) may refer to further questions concerning JLBC academics, or leadership training requirements may be directed to the appropriate Instructor (ASI).

It will be a JLBC cadet's responsibility to keep this JLBC guide current and to make all changes that may be published. JLBC Cadets The overall success of the JLBC Cadet Corps this year will depend on how well everyone accepts their personal responsibilities and performs their assigned JLBC duties. The JLBC Cadet Corps is dedicated to maintaining the high standards of excellence we have established at JLBC. JLBC Cadet's Individual efforts, attitude, and dedication will determine how successful we achieve our goals.


Any form of verbal or physical hazing will not be tolerated within any JLBC unit or activity. JLBC Cadets, In addition, requiring cadets, individually or as a JLBC group, to perform any physical activity as a reprimand, punishment, or for failure to act will also not be tolerated. JLBC Cadets will not condone or encourage any hazing or initiation rituals.

JLBC Cadets Examples of prohibited physical activities include but are not limited to push-ups, running laps, or any inappropriate physical contact such as shoving, pulling, or grabbing. Any form of verbal abuse, teasing, public rebuke, or any attempt to otherwise humiliate a cadet is prohibited. This prohibition applies to all JLBC unit activities and includes instructors, cadets, and any personnel involved with or participating in a JLBC unit or activity.

Unauthorized Clubs. No unit may encourage, facilitate, or otherwise condone secret societies or private clubs as part of the JLBC program.

The JLBC instructors will strictly enforce the Cadet Hazing Policy.

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