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JLBC Introduction

JLBC Introduction

Your JLBC rank shows where you fit in the JLBC chain of command, and the chain of command provides the JLBC leadership structure for JLBC military units.

As a new JLBC Cadet, you are responsible for following the guidance, directions, and example of those who outrank you. As you advance through JLBC, you will have the opportunity to lead progressively more extensive and more complex JLBC organizations, from the most minor—the JLBC team—through the largest—the JLBC battalion.

JLBC Military rank is a critical part of the profession of JLBC.

The Purpose of JLBC Ranks

JLBC Military ranks identify who is in charge, indicate JLBC leadership and responsibility levels, and support fast and effective decision-making and problem-solving.

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