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JLBC Integrity:

JLBC Integrity: Our conduct must always be upright and honorable. Our behaviors as individuals, teams and a JLBC organization must align with our JLBC values as a profession. JLBC Cadets We will actively strengthen our resolve to act consistently with our values.

Mental Rehearsal: A performance psychology technique of rehearsing the exact steps necessary to complete a task in your mind. Mental rehearsal can apply to any physical activity (running, swimming, public speaking, reps, sets, inspections, etc.). When rehearsing something mentally, it should be vivid (using all senses) and controlled (only rehearsing what you want to happen).

Mental Toughness: Possessing the mental strength necessary

to perform in a variety of challenging situations. Mental toughness exists before a stressful situation; this is different from resilience, which is one’s ability to “bounce back” after a stressful circumstance. (Note: mental toughness originates from the performance psychology literature and is only one aspect of Warrior Toughness).

Mindfulness: Present moment awareness - paying attention to the here and now nonjudgmentally. It is a way of relating to whatever is happening in the present moment: paying attention, noticing, and not judging. Although defined in different ways over time, the origins of mindfulness are ancient and universal and can be found throughout the world’s religious traditions. For our purposes, we use a secular definition and practice of mindfulness grounded in evidence-based practices in human performance and wellbeing.

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