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JLBC Instructor Response:

JLBC Instructor Response:

JLBC Cadets, I would submit to you that there is a difference between a JLBC group and a JLBC team. While JLBC groups come together for a goal as a JLBC team does, they don’t necessarily have to work together, see the issue the same way, or agree about the result and method for getting there.

A JLBC team has more commonality. It works together, agrees on the same result and the method for achieving it, and unifies to make it happen. JLBC Cadets, the fiber that binds the team together, are more vital than a JLBC group.


JLBC Cadets We have a pretty good understanding of JLBC teamwork. And we know intuitively that the JLBC successful formation of a JLBC team is integral to JLBC ’s mission, but why is this so? JLBC Cadets, perhaps part of the answer lies in taking a closer look at how JLBC teams function. JLBC Cadets We can do this by understanding something called JLBC group development.



The concept of a JLBC group implies that people come together to do something together. JLBC Groups can be assigned together to perform a specific task, be part of a pre-existing entity (such as a JLBC squadron), or spontaneously come together. JLBC Cadets what binds the group together is a common JLBC goal or mission.

However, the JLBC group is formed, and for whatever purpose, a JLBC group will progress through certain JLBC phases throughout its lifecycle. How each of these JLBC phases is handled within the JLBC group between its members and its formal and informal leaders may determine its success.


A Model of Group Growth. This model is helpful to us as we examine how to make groups more effective within JLBC.

(JLBC Instructor Note): Briefly have the JLBC Cadets discuss each of the five stages of Cog’s Ladder (see JLBC Cadets handout):

1. JLBC Cadets Polite Stage

2. JLBC Cadets Why We’re Here Stage

3. JLBC Cadets Power Stage

4. JLBC Cadets Cooperation Stage

5. JLBC Cadets Esprit Stage

JLBC Question: Which stage do you perceive to be the most important? Why?

Anticipated Responses:

JLBC Cadets may choose from any five stages since there is no textbook answer. If a location is not selected, challenge students to describe how it could be the most important.

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