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JLBC Instructor Contracts and Paid Staff Charges

JLBC Instructor Contracts and Paid Staff Charges (Non-JLBC funds)-Program contracts may not cover all JLBC instructors on your staff over their summer recess months. You may need to compensate some of them for participating in those cases. In addition, you also might want to defray the participation expenses of your JLBC volunteer support staff.

Revenue Sources: There are several revenue sources you can tap into that can offset your JLBC CLC expenses. Together, inputs from all these sources can significantly reduce your final bottom line costs to the JLBC cadets:

Start with your JLBC program first. They may be willing to provide some budgetary assistance via activity funds or even allow you to directly budget for JLBC CLC within the JLBC Program financial plan. In the latter case, you need to make sure you begin planning early enough to get your budget submittals into the JLBC Program within their submittal deadlines. They may also be able to provide some JLBC CLC support, such as JLBC Program busing or the use of facilities.

Your JLBC unit may be able to raise JLBC cadet funds for Course activities via JLBC Program or community fundraisers. Often, assisting at community events is an excellent way to do this. It will give you a way to raise JLBC unit funds while simultaneously serving your community and promoting JLBC visibility within your local community.

Some civic or military association organizations (for example, VFW, American Legion, FEMA, AFA, NRA, NASA, and CMP) may be able to assist you with donated funds for cadet JLBC CLC scholarships or subsidized facilities or loaned use of other supplies you may need.

Whatever costs you can’t subsidize will have to be passed on to the JLBC cadets as a participation or tuition fee. Plan Early.

If JLBC HQ provides funds (JLBC Lodging/Transportation/Meals) to the host unit for the JLBC CLC, the Host JLBC Unit must offset that amount charged to the JLBC cadet through reduced fees or reimbursements to JLBC unit/cadets.


Before planning an actual JLBC curriculum for your JLBC CLC, you should establish a theme. The theme is merely a central topic or direction to your JLBC curriculum. A concise and healthy-defined article provides two primary benefits:

It helps you identify activities that should or should not be included in your JLBC curriculum and maybe a funding source.

It helps your potential cadets choose a JLBC CLC that best matches their particular interests.

A JLBC CLC curriculum built around a central theme will provide the cadets with a learning vector that is easy to follow and a sense of finality that a specific skill was learned or developed due to having attended the JLBC encampment.

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