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Five Elements of Innovative Leadership

The Importance of Leader Type

The five elements of innovative leadership are reflected in

What is truly unique in this approach to leadership is the overall comprehensiveness of the model. Theorists have looked at these elements separately over many years and have suggested that mastering one or two is typically sufficient for influential leaders. While that may have been true in a less complex world, it is no longer the case. As the 21st century unfolds, the most influential leaders will have a much more holistic view than at any other time in history. We will define and describe each element of innovative leadership and how they interact.

Leader Type

Part of the challenge in building innovative leadership is learning to become more introspective and how to put that reflective knowledge into practice. Looking inside yourself—examining the very makeup of your inner world—enables you to function in a highly grounded way rather than operating from reactive habits and biases that lead to more uninformed or unconscious decision-making.

First and foremost, when thinking about leadership, start by considering your disposition, tendencies, inclinations, and ways of thinking and acting. Remember, cultivating innovative leadership involves exercising your innate intelligence and hinges on understanding the simple manner you show up in your life. One way to observe this is by examining qualities intrinsic to your inner being, described as types, which reflect the basic makeup of your personality. The Leader Personality Type (referred to going forward as leader type) plays a critical role in how you see the organization and also how you provide guidance. It is an essential foundation of your makeup and powerfully shapes your leadership effectiveness. The ancient adage of “Know thyself,” attributed to various Greek philosophers, holds accurate as a crucial underpinning of leadership performance.

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