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JLBC Incident/Accident Reporting

JLBC Incident/Accident Reporting

Children are active and curious, and in JLBC’s type of business, it is not uncommon for children, as well as adults, to experience cuts, scrapes, and bruises while running, jumping, playing, and practicing martial arts. All JLBC staff hold valid certification in standard first aid and CPR and have been trained in emergency procedures.

Anytime your child has an accident, JLBC staff will record the details of the incident and provide you with a copy.

If a more severe incident involving someone occurs, JLBC staff have been trained to respond based on the severity of the injury. Staff will call emergency support services (911), parent/guardian, or your designated emergency contacts to take your child for medical evaluation.

Emergency Response

JLBC is committed to being prepared and keeping all staff and families safe in an emergency or natural disaster. We understand that JLBC families rely on our ability to deliver uninterrupted programs and services in safe environments. JLBC trains all staff on emergency procedures, including how to respond to personal injuries and medical emergencies, building emergencies (power failure, flood), fire drills and evacuation, inclement weather, threats from criminal activity (lockdown), and natural disasters.

If your child is involved in an emergency, you will be contacted directly by JLBC. If JLBC cannot reach you now, they will call the emergency contacts you have identified in your child’s contract. JLBC will also endeavor to post information on our website, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts. Depending on the nature of the emergency, JLBC staff and children may have to re-locate to an evacuation site until you can pick up your child.


JLBC is a smoke-free environment. Smoking or handling a cigarette or tobacco on the premises, including all indoor and outdoor areas, is prohibited.

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