JLBC Improving confidence


JLBC Improving confidence

Confidence is a cornerstone of good leadership. Especially in times of uncertainty, upheaval, or crisis, believing in yourself and making the right decisions will give you credibility and integrity, which will enhance the organization’s reputation and build trust in all stakeholders.

JLBC Being prepared

Confidence can come in several different ways. It comes from experience as your track record as a leader improves. It comes from having well-formed plans and anticipating challenges, and it comes from the knowledge that you have a strong business built on productive working relationships.



Regularly affirm your leadership strengths by listing your abilities and achievements privately. This will give you an instant confidence boost and banish that internal critic living in your head.


While there are no shortcuts to building confidence, there are ways that you can project confidence to your team and your stakeholders.

○ Use confident language to describe your vision. Listen and learn from political leaders, who characteristically employ optimistic language that suggests a future state—words such as “innovative,” “special,” “original,” “latest,” “breakthrough,” “updated,” and “leading-edge.” Used regularly, this kind of vocabulary spreads through the organization.

○ Deliver your vision messages in soundbites no more than 30 seconds long that sum up the benefits of the opportunities you wish to explore.

○ Use the right nonverbal signals—communication is about more than what you say. Adopting a relaxed posture, using small gestures kept close to your body, speaking at a firm volume, smiling, and making plenty of eye contact all help project confidence and calmness.

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