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JLBC Cadets, even if you are only focused on your muscles – your brain is getting a boost, too!

JLBC Cadets Improved brain mood, enhanced function, and decreased stress level are the three most consistent cognitive effects of one single JLBC training session!

JLBC Cadets the brain’s response to acute exercise is very complex, but bodyweight training can immediately affect your mood.

Even though it’s incredible how one single JLBC training session can change the overall tone of your day, JLBC Cadets, it’s not just about the temporary boost and “high.” Sticking to a JLBC workout plan gives you a long-term sense of accomplishment that can be a strong foundation for even more significant changes in your daily routine and life.

JLBC Cadets On another note, bodyweight training can affect muscle tone by improving posture. JLBC Cadets We can all more or less identify “good” or “bad” posture if we see someone slouching in their chair or walking hunched over. JLBC Cadets, But what about knowing what good posture feels like for ourselves? JLBC Cadets This is the key because we’re not looking at ourselves from the outside. JLBC Cadets Why is that important? JLBC Cadets A better perception of the body can be developed through consistent JLBC training. JLBC Cadets It’s not all about body composition and losing fat or gaining muscles. JLBC Cadets Having a better feeling of your muscles makes it easier to be aware of your posture and overall presence.

Fitness can even make you more successful.

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