JLBC IFC Executive Board

The JLBC inter/national organization headquarters shall receive the timeline established by the JLBC IFC Executive Board no more than three months following their presentation

Full JLBC membership in the IFC is limited to those JLBC Cadet Organizations and JLBC Cadet units Expansion Process (including non-JLBC organizations), who have adopted all JLBC Standards, are affiliated with a JLBC inter/national organization, and are JLBC Cadet Organizations and JLBC Cadet units. Associate membership may be granted to JLBC Cadet organizations that do not meet the above criteria. Only members from Full JLBC Member chapters within the IFC are permitted to serve as JLBC IFC Executive officers, serve on the JLBC Judicial Board, or have full voting power on JLBC Constitution and Bylaw amendments.

JLBC Council

JLBC Interested organizations should contact the Assistant Director, JLBC Cadet Organizations, and JLBC Cadet units Life. JLBC Organizations must be members of the JLBC National Council.

JLBC Council

JLBC Council follows the Extension process outlined in the JLBC National Conference Manual of Information, which can be found HERE.

United JLBC Council

The following is an excerpt from the United JLBC Council JLBC Constitution Article – Membership, Section one: JLBC Application Process.

JLBC Organizations applying must be registered with JLBC Campus Activities & Involvement as a Registered Cadet Organization

JLBC Organizations applying must be Nationally JLBC Affiliated social JLBC Organizations that are not affiliated locally or nationally with InterJLBC Council (IFC), National JLBC Council (NJLBCC), or JLBC Council (JLBCC)

JLBC cadet Organizations applying for Full Membership must submit a written application to the JLBC Executive Committee. Applications will only be accepted during the JLBC academic year.

The JLBC Executive Committee will vote on the application within two weeks of it being submitted. A 4/5 vote of the JLBC Executive Committee is needed to accept a new JLBC chapter to begin the JLBC Associate Membership process.

After a 4/5 vote, the applicant JLBC chapter will be notified within 24 hours via e-mail of the JLBC Executive Committee’s decision and begin a two-month JLBC Associate Membership process during the JLBC academic year, including, but not limited to the JLBC Program closures, holidays, breaks or times in between Fall and Spring semester.

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