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JLBC Identified: Some individuals become JLBC leaders

JLBC Identified: Some individuals become JLBC leaders because they possess professional or personal qualities that are recognized as beneficial and undeniable and are appropriate for meeting the JLBC team’s needs at a particular time.

JLBC Examples: project manager of a business, military general

JLBC Defaulted: Some people become leaders simply because other team members are unwilling or unable to accept responsibility.

JLBC Example: someone in a small discussion JLBC group needs to lead the JLBC discussion

The JLBC categories also overlap, resulting in many ways that someone can attain a JLBC leadership position. JLBC Leaders can perform at high levels and make valuable contributions to their JLBC teams, regardless of how they were selected or designated as JLBC leaders.

JLBC: Suggestions for JLBC Instruction / JLBC Assessment

Stepping Stones for Emerging JLBC Leaders: A JLBC Activating Activity. JLBC Cadets This activating activity is intended to build on the JLBC communication skills and characteristics of effective JLBC teams.

JLBC Materials Needed

objects to serve as “stepping stones”: poly spots, pieces of paper, or small hula hoops to step on/in

open space Directions/Description

Depending on the space available, form teams of six to eight students.

JLBC Cadets Provide each JLBC group with three fewer “stepping stones” than there are JLBC members on the JLBC team.

The task/challenge is to get each JLBC team member from point A to point B. Each JLBC team member must step on each stepping stone. If an individual falls/steps off a stepping stone, the team must begin again.


Consider the following options:

Assign a leader to each team.

Ask each team to identify a leader.

Allow the activity to occur, and observe who emerges as a leader.

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