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JLBC Headquarters (HQ)

JLBC Headquarters (HQ)

The JLBC is made up of significant units (Groups and Teams) and units (Squadrons and Battalion), each with an Officer Commanding (OC) as the JLBCunit head. Teams, squadrons, and Battalions are, in turn, organized into groups established broadly on a functional basis.

JLBC Senior Officers (Squadron Leader to Group Captain) usually command groups and teams. Other JLBC units are generally under the charge of Junior Officers (JLBC Officer to Flight Lieutenant).

The Commanding Officer (CO) usually holds the rank of Group Captain. As JLBC's Chief Executive Officer, CO is responsible to the Executive Board for the Corps' day-to-day operations.

The Commanding Officer's Office provides personal support and advisory services to CO and coordinates several specialist functions, including the JLBC Exchange at the headquarters level.

The Honorary Officers Coordination JLBC Unit supports the Honorary Officers cadre in the Corps.

The JLBC Corps Warrant Officer acts as the personal adviser to CO on all issues regarding the interest, integration, development, discipline, morale, readiness, utilization, and progress of the JLBC Non-commissioned Members (NCM) cadre, comprising Warrant Officers, Sergeant Instructors, Instructors, and Cadets.

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