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JLBC leadership develops a cadet's ability to inspire and impact on achieving growth. When one of the attributes is removed, the effectiveness disappears.

Conversations can stop at any point in the sequence. These field patterns also represent the stages of team development.

There is a neurological phenomenon that underpins the field pattern progression. Scientists have discovered that neurons in one person's brain will activate when they observe an emotion or action in another person. Our thinking incorporates the mental activity of other people. It is referred to as "mirroring," Common manifestations are that we tend to feel sad when seeing other people miserable, say at a funeral, and happy when we see happy people at a wedding, for example. We have no reason to be sad or happy, in either case, other than the observation of others actually in such a situation. As conversations move up the field patterns, participants are co-experiencing emotions. Through the mirroring, they are incorporating the mental activity of each other, not only sharing information but sharing each other's energy and borrowing from each other's perspectives. At the highest level of conversation, presenting and co-creation occurs because people are co-experiencing emotions neurologically.

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