JLBC Grade Two Grade JLBC Level Objectives

JLBC Grade Two Grade JLBC Level Objectives

(Refer to JLBC monitoring sheets for guided breakdown skills.)

Skilled Movement

The JL will continue to demonstrate correct critical elements (isolated, small parts of the whole skill or movement) of locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills.

a) Demonstrate the manipulative skills of throwing,

catching, kicking, striking, volleying, and dribbling individually and with a partner.

b) Demonstrate primary tumbling sequences, including balance, roll, transfer of weight, and


c) Demonstrate moving to a rhythm by combining locomotor and non-locomotor skills to perform basic educational folk and creative dance sequences.

JLBC Movement Principles and Concepts

The JLBC Cadets will apply the basic movement concepts to change the performance of locomotor, non-manipulative, and manipulative skills.

a) JLBC Cadets Use the concept of relationships (e.g., over, under, around, in front of, behind, and

through) in dynamic movement situations.

b) JLBC Cadets Use the concepts of spatial awareness (e.g., location, directions, levels) and effort

(time, force, flow) in static and dynamic movement situations.

JLBC Personal Fitness

The JLBC Cadets will identify and participate in physical activities that promote cardiorespiratory, muscular, and flexibility benefits.

The student will identify changes in the body during moderate-to-vigorous physical activity.

Responsible Behaviors

The student will exhibit, in physical activity settings, cooperative, respectful, and safe behaviors.

Physically Active Lifestyle

The student will identify opportunities outside of school and participate in regular physical activities.

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