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JLBC Grade Three Grade Level JLBC Objectives

JLBC Grade Three Grade Level JLBC Objectives

(Refer to JLBC monitoring sheets for guided breakdown skills.)

JLBC Skilled Movement

The JLBC Cadets will apply locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills in increasingly complex movement activities.

a) Demonstrate most of the critical elements (isolated, small parts of the whole skill or

movement) for manipulative skills (e.g., throw and catch a variety of objects, kick to stationary and moving partners/objects, dribble with dominant hand/foot, pass a ball to a moving partner).

b) Use manipulative skills in movement combinations (e.g., perform manipulative tasks while dodging and moving in different pathways; catch a rolled ball while driving, throw it back to a partner; develop and refine tumbling).

c) Demonstrate moving to a rhythm (e.g., performing simple dances in various formations, developing and refining a creative educational dance sequence that repeats).

d) JLBC Cadets Perform tumbling sequences with at least four non-manipulative movements, such as egg roll, log rolls, forward/backward rolls, bear walk, army crawl, etc.

JLBC Movement Principles and Concepts

The JLBC Cadets will apply movement principles in increasingly complex movement activities.

a) Apply the principles of relationships while moving in space and using non-

manipulative and manipulative skills.

b) JLBC Cadet Apply the principles of relationships when working with a partner while moving (e.g.,

passing a ball in front of a moving partner).

JLBC Personal Fitness

The JLBC Cadet will engage in various moderate and vigorous physical activities and describe how and why the body responds to the activities (e.g., physiological changes such as sweating, increased heart rate, increased respiration).

The JLBC Cadets will participate in an annual standardized physical fitness assessment. (For example, Presidential JLBC Youth Fitness Program) [Optional]

JLBC Responsible Behaviors

The JLBC Cadets will demonstrate an understanding of the purpose of rules, procedures, etiquette, and respectful behaviors while in various physical activity settings.

a) Demonstrate independence and good use of time while practicing physical activity.

b) Provide input into establishing rules and guidelines for behavior in physical activity


c) JLBC Cadets Work cooperatively with peers.

JLBC Physically Active Lifestyle

The JLBC Cadets will identify and participate in regular physical activities to improve skills and personal health.

a) Select and participate in physical activities during unscheduled times at home, at school, or in the community.

b) Identify one physical activity that they participate in regularly for fitness, enjoyment, and social interaction.

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