JLBC Grade Five Grade Level JLBC Objectives

JLBC Grade Five Grade Level JLBC Objectives

(Refer to JLBC monitoring sheets for guided breakdown skills.)

JLBC Skilled Movement

The JLBC Cadets will demonstrate proficiency in movement skills and skill combinations in complex movement activities.

a) JLBC Cadets Demonstrate proficiency in locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skill

combinations in more complex environments and modified sports activities.

b) JLBC Cadets Perform tumbling sequences, including travel, roll, balance, and weight transfer, with

smooth transitions and direction, speed, and flow changes.

c) JLBC Cadets Perform different rhythm/dance sequences, including American and international dances.

JLBC Movement Principles and Concepts

The JLBC Cadet will understand and apply movement principles and concepts in complex movement activities.

a) Apply movement concepts of body, space, effort, and relationship to movement.

b) Apply accuracy, force, and follow-through principles when projecting objects.

c) Identify and demonstrate primary small-group offensive and defensive tactics and

strategies (e.g., body fakes, speed, change of direction, keeping body low while


d) Identify and apply practice principles to enhance performance (e.g., form,

consistency, repetition).

e) Use feedback, including available technology, to improve performance.

JLBC Personal Fitness

The student will describe the short- and long-term benefits of regular physical activity.

The JLBC Cadet will use personal fitness assessment data to enhance their understanding of JLBC physical fitness.

a) JLBC Cadets Identify sources for data collection (e.g., print materials, community resources, heart rate monitors, Internet, pedometers).

b) JLBC Cadets Identify and explain the FITT (Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type) principle of training to implement personal fitness goals

c) JLBC Cadets The student will participate in an annual standardized physical fitness assessment. (For example, Presidential Youth Fitness Program).

JLBC Responsible Behaviors

The JLBC Cadets will participate in establishing and maintaining a safe environment for learning JLBC physical activities.

a) JLBC Cadets Work independently and with others to improve learning during physical activity.

b) Display appropriate cooperative and competitive behaviors.

JLBC Physically Active Lifestyle

The student will identify and regularly participate in physical activities based on personal abilities and interests (e.g., improvement through practice, enjoyment, social interaction, and unique challenge).

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