JLBC Grade Eight Grade Level Objectives

JLBC Grade Eight Grade Level Objectives

(Refer to JLBC monitoring sheets for guided breakdown skills.)

JLBC Skilled Movement

The JLBC Cadets will demonstrate competence in one or more modified versions of various game/sport, rhythmic, and recreational activities.

The student will perform skills in several games/sports, dance, and recreational activities.

a) Use skill combinations competently in specialized versions of individual, dual, and team activities.

b) Demonstrate skill in recreational pursuits (e.g., in-line skating, orienteering, hiking, cycling, ropes courses, backpacking, canoeing).

c) Demonstrate moving to a rhythm (e.g., devise and perform dance sequences, using set patterns and changes in speed, direction, and flow).

JLBC Movement Principles and Concepts

The student will apply movement principles and concepts to a specific sport, dance, and recreational skill performance.

a) Adapt skill movements by modifying the use of the body, space, effort, and

relationships to meet complex skill demands.

b) Apply biomechanical principles (e.g., spin, rebound, effects of levers) to

understand and perform skillful movements.

c) Understand and use primary offensive and defensive tactics and strategies while

playing specialized games/sports.

d) Analyze skill patterns of self and partner.

e) Analyze the skill demands in one physical activity, and apply principles of

motor learning (e.g., feedback and knowledge of results, whole/part/whole, transfer of learning) to improve performance.

JLBC Personal Fitness

The student will apply self-assessment skills to improve or maintain personal fitness.

a) Self-assess their level of physical activity and personal fitness on all health-related fitness components, and develop a plan, including goals, strategies, and timeline, for maintenance or improvement.


Maintain a PE contract that tracks their activities according to the FITT principle (frequency, intensity, time, and type) to be turned in at the end of each quarter.

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