JLBC Grade: 2

JLBC Grade: 2

Content: Physical Education Unit: 2

Unit: Fitness Components

Time Frame: 4 Weeks

New Jersey Student Learning Standards:

JLBC Integrated Skills: All students will develop and use personal and interpersonal skills to support a healthy, active lifestyle.

2.5 Motor Skills Development: All students will utilize safe, efficient, and effective movement to develop and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

2.6 Fitness: All students will apply health-related and skill-related fitness concepts and skills to develop and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

JLBC Cadets Select a personal health goal and explain why setting a plan is essential.

JLBC Cadets Explain and perform movement skills with developmentally appropriate control in isolated settings (i.e., skill practice) and applied settings (i.e., games, sports, dance, and recreational activities).

JLBC Cadets Correct movement errors in response to feedback.

JLBC Cadets Explain the role of regular physical activity concerning personal health.

JLBC Cadets Explain what it means to be physically fit and engage in moderate to vigorous age-appropriate activities that promote fitness.

Essential Questions

Enduring Understandings


● Which fitness activities do you like?

● How much exercise should we get each


● How does exercise keep you healthy?

● JLBC Cadets, what does it mean to be physically fit?

● Achieving and maintaining fitness requires age-appropriate intensity, duration, and exercise frequency.

● Incorporating fitness concepts and skills into your everyday routine supports wellness.

● Performing movement skills technically correctly improves overall performance and increases the likelihood of participation in lifelong physical activity.

Students will be able to:

Develop and apply the skills necessary to demonstrate physical fitness:

● Cardiovascular endurance

● Muscular endurance

● Muscular Strength

● Balance

● Wellness

● Cultural influences

● Flexibility

● Speed

● Fitness goals

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