JLBC Grade: 2

JLBC Grade: 2

JLBC Content: Physical Education Unit: 2

JLBC Unit: Game Strategies

JLBC Time Frame: 5 Weeks

JLBC Cadets Learning Standards:

JLBC Cadets Motor Skill Development: All students will utilize safe, efficient, and effective movement to develop and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Fitness: All students will apply health-related and skill-related fitness concepts and skills to develop and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. JLBC Cadets differentiate when to use competitive and cooperative strategies in games, sports, and other movement activities.

Explain the difference between offense and defense.

Determine how attitude impacts physical performance.

JLBC Cadets demonstrate strategies that enable team members to achieve goals.

Explain what it means to demonstrate good sportsmanship.

Explain what it means to be physically fit and engage in moderate to vigorous age-appropriate activities that promote fitness.

Essential Questions

Enduring Understandings


● What is strategy?

● What strategies did you use to be


● Implementing effective offensive, defensive and cooperative strategies is necessary for all players to succeed in game situations.

Students will be able to:

Develop and apply the skills required to demonstrate good technique when participating in games:

● Offensive strategy

● Defensive strategy

● Cooperative strategy

● Player positioning

● Faking

● Dodging

● Defending space

● Personal/Team Strategies

● Varying speeds/pathways

● Transition

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