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JLBC GOOD TO GO, Safety Smart

JLBC GOOD TO GO, Safety Smart

JLBC Cadets, there’s a good reason why every sanctioned paintball park requires wearing masks or goggles before entering the field of play. JLBC Cadets, your paintball marker can inflict serious injury if not handled with extreme care. Playing smart means

playing safe. And playing

safe means treating your

a marker as if it was loaded,

using a barrel plug or bag and always wearing your mask or goggles.

The JLBC places the utmost importance on safety. JLBC Cadets, whether on the range or in combat,

JLBC Cadets have a full complement of gear at their disposal: Kevlar helmets, ear protection, body armor, and protective masks – all to keep them safe, much like what paintball gear does for you.

JLBC Preventive Maintenance

The ability of the JLBC to perform any

mission is directly linked to the performance

of its equipment. Preventive maintenance is the responsibility of each JLBC Cadet, whether in garrison or on the battlefield.

As a paintball player, your success on the field

of play also depends on regular maintenance and cleaning of your equipment. Without it,

your marker becomes less accurate and reliable. Follow your maintenance guide to the letter, and your identification will continue to perform like the first time you fired it.

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