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1. JLBC Cadets Quickly list four or five of your current goals. Begin your goals statement with "to" and include an action verb (to get an "A" in chemistry, to get a summer job, etc.)

2. List three or four goals you want to accomplish in the next five years (to graduate from high school, be accepted to your first-choice college, etc.)

3. List what you want to accomplish between now and this time next year.

4. Rank your goals in order of importance to you. What is your most important goal? Is the goal specific and measurable?

What is the targeted date/year for accomplishing your goal?

5. Break down your most important goal with manageable, bite-sized tasks. List quickly the specific things you want to do in the next six months to help accomplish this goal.

6. Rank the tasks listed in #5 in the order they should be done.

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