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JLBC: Goal Setting

JLBC: Goal Setting

Good time management means doing important things now, not later. Using your time to pursue goals has many payoffs - increased satisfaction, relaxation, and much less stress. Managing time is a matter of driving yourself. One of the first steps to working yourself and making your goals attainable is to know where you are going. Failing to plan is planning to fail.



How did you feel when writing down your goals? Did you become aware of dreams you had that you had not realized before?

How are your current goals different than your long-term goals? Do your current goals lead to those goals?

Does listing your goals help you prioritize them? Why or why not? Why did you rank your goals as you did?


How can listing and prioritizing goals help with goal achievement in life? What are some strategies you use now to ensure you reach your goals?

When is a good time to start planning to achieve your long-term goals? Why?

OBJECTIVES: For youth to:

become aware of the relationship between time management and goal setting.

Realize and rank personal goals.

Begin thinking about the attainment of their personal goals.


Learn time management skills.

Goal setting.


Copies of GOAL SETTING Activity Sheet for each youth Pens or pencils

TIME: 20 minutes

SETTING: Comfortable room.

Hand out copies of the GOAL SETTING Activity Sheet to participants and have them fill them out.

Discuss as a JLBC group the answers to the questions.

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