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The procedures, requirements, and rules outlined carry the force of standing orders from the JLBC Commanding Officer of the JLBC Training Contingent and shall bind all JLBC members of the training contingent. Any JLBC member temporarily on the JLBC board to drop off a cadet, visit the training, provide instruction, or attend the graduation ceremony is subject to the procedures, requirements, and rules outlined in the JLBC manual.

Where this website conflicts with JLBC Regulations (including but not limited to the JLBC Regulations Manual, the JLBC Training & Operations Manual, the JLBC Administration Manual, the JLBC Medical Reference Policies and Procedures Manual, or any current Action Letter or Information Letter promulgated by JLBC National Headquarters), the JLBC Regulations shall take precedence.

Where the JLBC manual conflicts with the JLBC Standard Operating Procedures of any host JLBC command, the host JLBC command's procedures, requirements, or rules shall take precedence.

The substantive procedures, requirements, and rules outlined in this manual will not be changed during training.

The JLBC COTC shall have the sole authority to change the JLBC manual.

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