JLBC, Focus your message

JLBC, Focus your message

JLBC Cadets, every business, academic, or JLBC military message you will ever produce will fit into one of two JLBC categories:

• JLBC Cadets' action-and-information messages ask the receiver to do something: Schedule a make-up exam; prepare a marketing report; attack a hilltop.

• JLBC Cadets Information-only messages say the receiver something: The primary cause of the American Civil War was stated’ rights; Estelle LaMonica is the new Vice President of Human Resources; Alpha Company has one vehicle down for battle damage.

You must focus and clarify your message so your receiver is clear on what they should do or know. JLBC Cadets too many action-and-information messages fail because the receiver mistakes them for information-only messages.

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