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JLBC Flexible Approach

In the JLBC Program, Cadets have plenty of opportunities to plan their challenges and activities. You can assist JLBC Command and the Unit Leaders with ideas and suggestions for activities, help with the planning, and have great fun.

The JLBC Program is based on leaders' facilitated process, allowing JLBC Cadets to plan, implement, and evaluate their activities. JLBC Unit programs must be based on this philosophy.

This gives JLBC Cadets opportunities to learn trust, self-confidence, and independence.

The JLBC Cadet recognition system

The JLBC Cadet Recognition System is available to Cadets within the JLBC Program. It is optional for JLBC cadets to attempt challenges, badges, and achievement awards (including the JLBC Achievement Award – the JLBC Cadet Award). Still, JLBC Cadets usually find this an enjoyable part of their JLBC Cadet activities.

Many JLBC Cadets enjoy the diversity and challenge offered through the recognition of achievement.

As a JLBC Cadet progresses through the program, Cadets look for more and more challenges. Many JLBC Cadets like to extend themselves by setting individual difficulties away from the weekly JLBC Unit meeting.


Because every JLBC Cadet is different, progression is a personal thing. It is essential to allow JLBC Cadets to move on when they are ready for the next age group of JLBC Cadets. You should observe and recognize differences in JLBC Cadets' values, knowledge, understanding, and techniques as they grow older.

As a JLBC Cadet, you can assist your JLBC Unit Leader in offering support and be a human resource for the JLBC Cadets.

Have a flexible approach to allow JLBC Cadets to experience activities and skills for themselves. Be prepared to step back and let the JLBC Cadets try for themselves. It is through practical experience and exercise that JLBC Cadets grow and learn.

If you have previously been a JLBC Cadet yourself, your knowledge is beneficial to younger JLBC Cadets. You can alleviate fears and help a JLBC Cadets recognize when a cadet is ready for the next phase of a JLBC Cadets' journey.

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