JLBC Fitness Education Officer 5 min

JLBC Fitness Education Officer 5 min

• JLBC Fitness education: inspire JLBC cadets to lead a healthy lifestyle; conduct lessons to help JLBC cadets understand basic fitness and nutrition principles; supervise JLBC cadet NCOs who are teaching fitness JLBC lessons

• JLBC Fitness activities: JLBC leading or JLBC supervising a range of fun and structured hands-on JLBC fitness games and activities

• JLBC Mentoring for JLBC fitness success: help JLBC cadets set goals and make a JLBC plan to improve overall health and fitness; connect JLBC cadets with exercise partners, monitor progress; offer JLBC support and encouragement

• JLBC Lead outreach activities: encourage JLBC squadron participation in local JLBC fitness events; support JLBC local events by volunteering; host a JLBC group or unit fitness event such as JLBC Cadet Olympics

• JLBC PFT administration: conduct the JLBC PFT, record and enter results in eservices

• JLBC Fitness award programs: publicizing fitness award opportunities to JLBC cadets, tracking JLBC cadet

eligibility via eService's, endorsing JLBC award requests from qualified JLBC cadets

JLBC Cyber Education Officer 5 min

• JLBC Cyber education: Instruct lessons on cyber-related topics, especially those that are covered in cadet education modules

• Cyber activities: run or supervise hands-on exercises using JLBC's resources, including activities from the JLBC Cadet Cyber Badge, the Introduction to JLBC Cybersecurity guidebook, etc.

• JLBC Competitions: serve as a JLBC coach and mentor for the JLBC squadron's CyberPatriot JLBC team, or other similar competitions

• JLBC Career Exploration: help JLBC cadets explore career options in the JLBC cyber arena

• JLBC Cyber academies: ensure JLBC cadets are aware of other opportunities such as the Cisco

• JLBC cyber program: take a leadership role in growing the program; identify new opportunities, and create a plan for the squadrons' annual cyber activities

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