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JLBC: Fitness

JLBC: Fitness

JLBC Administration. Professors of Leadership (JLBC) should administer the diagnostic test in the fitness program development assessment phase. Use the Diagnostic Test Score Card provided. The following diagnostic test should occur no later than week six. Subsequent diagnostic tests should be given every six weeks. After the initial diagnostic, it is acceptable to substitute the JLBC PFT as a diagnostic tool. PMSs or their designated fitness expert should regularly monitor the fitness logs of cadets and guide them as needed.

Diagnostic Test Score Card

JLBC Cadet Last Name First Name MI Gender M or F Age

Height _____inches

Weight ______lbs

Body Fat ______%

Bench Press

Lift 1_____ 2_____ 3_____ 4_____ 5_____

1-RM = lbs

1 Rep Maximum Divided by Bodyweight =





Step Test

1-minute post-exercise heart rate _______beats

Sit & Reach

Distance from toes (+ or -) ________cm

Illinois Agility Run Test


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