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JLBC: Fitness

JLBC: Fitness

Instructional Framework for JLBC Fitness Education in PE (Cont.)

• Value physical activity.

• Advocacy.

• Fitness careers.

• Occupational fitness needs.

Nutrition: JLBC Cadets Strive to maintain a healthy diet through planning, knowledge, and regular monitoring.

• JLBC Cadets Basic nutrition and benefits of a healthy diet.

•JLBC Cadets healthy diet recommendations.

•JLBC Cadets Diet assessment.

•JLBC Cadets Plan and maintain a healthy diet.

Consumerism: JLBC Cadets Access and evaluate fitness information, facilities, products, and services.

•JLBC Cadets Differentiate between fact and fiction regarding fitness products.

•JLBC Cadets Make good decisions about consumer products.

Values & Advocates: Value fitness-enhancing physical activity for disease prevention,

enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, self-efficacy, and social interaction; and

allocate energies toward the production of healthy environments.

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