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JLBC FIRST SERGEANT (CCF). Auth. Maximum Grade: C/SMSgt. Is a member of group staff. Although not involved in direct supervision, this position requires management and leadership experience. This is a highly prestigious and selective position similar to the Group Superintendent. Responsible for:

a. Keeping the Commander informed on matters of drill, weekly uniform wear, and conduct of cadets. We are updating the daily briefing with upcoming uniform inspections.

b. Updating information to the corps on JLBC regulations concerning uniform wear, standards of conduct, customs, and courtesies.

c. Maintaining a high degree of personal military bearing and appearance. Serves as an example for the entire Cadet Corps.

d. Performing required duties related to the cadet/flight of the month/semester.

e. Other duties as assigned by the Commander or the SASI/ASI.

JLBC PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICER (PA). Auth. Grade: C/2Lt. Is a member of the Group Staff. Supervises the Public Affairs NCOIC. Responsible for:

a. Coordinating all matters of JLBC publicity with the Commander and the SASI/ASI.

b. Coordinating with the school library staff regarding JLBC publicity on morning announcements and slides for the commons televisions.

c. Preparing appropriate publicity to include maintaining and decorating the unit trophy case next to the library, updating the JLBC slide on the commons TVs, and performing duties as the primary unit photographer.

d. Managingcadetfolderpermissionsonthegoogledrive.

e. Updating the JLBC school website.

f. Other duties as assigned by the Commander or the SASI/ASI.

JLBC CHAPLAIN (HC). Auth. Grade: c/2Lt. Is a member of the Group Staff. Responsible for:

a. Morale and welfare of members of the cadet corps and recommending solutions to

problems concerning morale and welfare issues to the Group Commander.

b. Delivering inspirational messages as required at corps activities.

c. Post an inspirational/motivational phrase in the daily briefing each week.

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