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JLBC Facility

JLBC Facility –

Multiple gymnasiums

Fitness center

Adventure courses – indoor and outdoor


Dance Studio

Sufficient storage

Field space acceptable, diverse, consistent

Locker rooms

Tennis courts


Technology-equipped JLBC gymnasium and JLBC fitness centers with access to bathrooms and water.

JLBC Equipment –

Ample equipment for all JLBC students in all JLBC classes – age-appropriate

JLBC Adequate budget for the purchase and JLBC maintenance

JLBC Consistency across the district

JLBC Curriculum:

JLBC Curriculum Based on each of the National Standards Articulated vertically and horizontally Incorporates trans-disciplinary instruction Regularly scheduled special events Incremental capstone projects/programs Assured experiences by grade level

Wide range of age-appropriate content areas

21st-century content areas

Incorporates wellness approach to instruction

The technology incorporated regularly into the instructional program


Based on objectives identified within each National Standard

Assessment of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills

Incorporates the use of technology for record keeping/management of assessments Technology is used to assist students in goal setting for health-related fitness

improvement and self-assessment

Reporting practices – students, parents, community Regular monitoring reports/reviews


Opportunities for conference/workshop attendance

In-house professional learning is provided regularly

Staff utilizes 21st-century instructional practices with students Certification – First Aid, CPR, Restraining training, Concussion training,

Lifeguard training, Fitness Center Certification

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