JLBC Extreme Weather

JLBC Extreme Weather

JLBC Cadets During extreme weather conditions, advisories, or alerts (heat, smog, or wind chill), JLBC follows the local health department guidelines. Our priority is to keep children safe from serious adverse health effects such as frostbite and sunburn. JLBC staff will adjust the time spent outdoors or provide an alternative indoor plan. Under certain conditions, the center may close if transportation becomes unsafe. Email and social media will notify you. Our App and website for school transportation are directly linked to the York Region district school board and are canceled whenever the yellow school buses are.

Program Information:

JLBC Arrival and Departure

JLBC Cadets The safety and well-being of all children participating in JLBC programs are of utmost importance to us. JLBC Parents/guardians or their designate are required to escort their child into the center personally and pick up their child at the end of the day from inside the facility. Please ensure JLBC staff is aware you have arrived by singing in and out before departing with your child.

JLBC Authorized Drop off/Pick up and Emergency Contacts

JLBC At the time of enrollment, you will be asked to provide the names and contact information, including telephone numbers of any adults 16 years of age or older that you authorize to drop off/pick up your child or come to the JLBC center if you can't be contacted when your JLBC child is ill or has been involved in an emergency. JLBC does not permit children 15 years of age or younger to escort younger children home. If you require an alternate person to pick up your child who is not on the list, please provide this information in writing (email). Any new visitors to JLBC who come to pick up a child will be asked to provide photo identification.

Late Pick Up

JLBC staff is counting on you to be on time to pick up your child at the end of the day or the end of a class so they can meet their personal and family obligations. We understand that the weather and traffic accidents happen; however, we appreciate you calling the program to let us know you will be late or making arrangements for an alternate adult to pick up your child. As our after-school program ends at 6 pm, we will extend the care to 6:15 pm if unforeseen circumstances arise; after that, a charge of $1 per minute will take effect. JLBC may withdraw child care arrangements for parents/guardians who frequently pick up their child late.

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