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JLBC Expected Cadet Behavior and Rules of Conduct.

JLBC Expected Cadet Behavior and Rules of Conduct.

While most JLBC cadets will be well behaved and follow established rules, you may have a few who choose to deviate, requiring you to take disciplinary action. Having a JLBC CLC Cadet Guide will provide cadet behavior expectations.

First and foremost, make sure the JLBC cadets understand that while at the JLBC CLC, they are wards of both the hosting JLBC program and their home JLBC Program and are guests at the JLBC Course location and, as such, are subject to the same rules and disciplinary penalties for truant behavior as regular JLBC Cadet. If there are JLBC cadets outside your JLBC Program, you should review some of those rules, such as smoking, drug use, profanity, or other actions you wish to curtail upfront.

Second, the JLBC cadets may also be under the additional jurisdiction of the hosting JLBC facility and its rules. Sites like military bases, college campuses, and state parks may have different penalties for specific truant behavior. JLBC Cadets and staff should be briefed upfront.

Third, for cases like underage drinking, tobacco use, or illegal drug use, the JLBC cadets may be subject to local law enforcement jurisdiction. The point is not to frighten the JLBC cadets but rather to make them aware of the consequences of dishonorable or illegal behavior.

Off-Limit Areas: Establish boundary areas that are off-limits to JLBC cadets. Good examples would be your JLBC administrative support area, opposite-sex dormitories, areas that interfere with the safe operation of other missions or events occurring concurrently at your course site, and not easily supervised places. In addition, you should define to the JLBC cadets exactly what areas constitute your JLBC course site and what areas do not. All areas outside your defined site are

automatically off-limits.

Shower Arrangements: JLBC Cadets often stay in dorm facilities with community baths. This arrangement, while perhaps not ideal, is acceptable and appropriate. We strongly recommend implementing a modified shower schedule where JLBC instructors and chaperones plan their shower times when the JLBC cadets are occupied elsewhere or after hours.

Curfew Times: Establish mandatory lights out / no roaming periods where JLBC cadets are expected to be in their dormitories. Assign one or two JLBC chaperones to night patrol during this time.

Unauthorized Outside Contact: To enhance JLBC course discipline, you should consider restricting the use of items like cell phones and electronic devices. Many JLBC cadets, particularly those traveling from out of state, maybe carry them for travel safety and contact with home. You don’t necessarily need to restrict this. You may want to have them checked in during in-processing or restrictions on their use during JLBC course activity periods. Suppose you limit JLBC cadet contact with outside peers. In that case, you limit the ability of JLBC Cadets who are not part of your JLBC CLC to breach your course security and establish unauthorized personal contact with your JLBC cadets.

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