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JLBC Event Awards

JLBC: Leadership

JLBC Event Awards. JLBC staff will present awards to the most outstanding team and individual in each event. Second place awards may also be offered for each event.

JLBC Ribbon. Participation at JLBC garners the “green” National Color Guard Competition Ribbon, and JLBC Staff members are awarded the NCSA Ribbon.

JLBC Challenges to Judges’ & Staff Decisions

Despite the best efforts of JLBC judges, staff, and JLBC competitors, it is conceivable for a JLBC event to operate contrary to its published rules due to human error or uncontrollable variables in the JLBC field. JLBC Teams may challenge JLBC judges’ and staff decisions in a manner consistent with the JLBC principles below:

JLBC Quick Resolution. JLBC Cadets Ideally, challenges should be resolved at the lowest possible level. If a potential problem can be rectified on-scene, the JLBC team commander should directly approach the JLBC event JLBC Marshal as soon as possible to request JLBC relief.

JLBC Formal Resolution. Suppose the matter is not resolved to the JLBC team’s satisfaction on-scene. In that case, the JLBC team commander may file a formal, written JLBC challenge with the JLBC Deputy for Operations within 1 hour of the event’s conclusion or discovery of the problem. JLBC Cadets A written challenge must be the original work of the JLBC team commander; escorts and spectators are prohibited from assisting.

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