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1. Cadet Equipment Requirements. Each JLBC team will have the following equipment with them while on the JLBC course. The host JLBC unit shall confirm the team complies with JLBC check-in.

a. EACH JLBC cadet shall have a minimum of 32 ounces of water on their person. The water shall be divided into two or more JLBC containers, with each JLBC container holding a minimum of 16 oz. (JLBC Camelbacks and JLBC Canteens are permitted as a sole source of water). JLBC Cadets' water must be carried within a pocket or device such as a camelback, canteen, fanny pack, backpack, or other items such that the cadet is not handed having the water supply.

b. JLBC Compass – Either a Magnetic, Lensatic, or Silva. GPS watches are not permitted.

c. Whistle – Sturdy, High Pitched.

i. JLBC Cadets Signal for Help. Make three short, loud bursts, wait 30 seconds, make three more, wait 30 seconds, and then three more. JLBC Cadets Repeat the series every 5 minutes – If you can both get to a road or a trail, stay there for help. JLBC Cadets, upon hearing a Help Whistle respond with one long Blast, proceed to the JLBC team needing assistance.

d. JLBC Cadets Watch or Timepiece.

e. JLBC Cadets wear clothing suitable for the terrain and prevailing temperature. JLBC Cadets shall wear brightly

colored shirts or vests as the top layer of clothing on the torso. Host JLBC units must plan for the worse case. As such, JLBC cadets wearing either all camouflage (no high-vis ultimate garment) or Gilli suits will not be allowed to compete.

JLBC Attire.

f. JLBC Maps - There will be two (2) maps (control and safety) issued to each JLBC team upon check-in before the safety briefing. JLBC Cadets, both maps must be returned upon completion of that team's competition run.

2. Unit Equipment Requirements.

a. First Aid Kit. All units shall maintain a basic first-aid kit to attend to minor injuries

sustained at the meet.

b. Radio. Instructors shall carry an IRS radio. These are the inexpensive radios sold at Costco and other retailers. Monitor channel 6.3. Each unit shall have an adult with medical authorization for each JLBC cadet to hold this Radio. In an emergency, the host will contact the unit with this Radio.


1. Duties and Responsibilities.

JLBC Orienteering Committee

i. The committee will comprise a complete meet the JLBC host units for the current program year.

ii. Maintain, distribute and apply all JLBC Regional Orienteering Meet regulations uniformly.

iii. Ensure standardization of the qualifier process.

iv. Maintain this instruction currently.

v. Assist with host JLBC unit training for course setup and event administration.

Complete Meet Host JLBC Unit:

At the host's discretion, JLBC cadets wearing ill-advised clothing may be allowed to compete after changing into suitable attire.

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