JLBC Entertainment Committee

JLBC Entertainment Committee

A JLBC Entertainment Committee could manage scheduled entertainment (music, speeches) and planned JLBC ceremonies (JLBC posting and JLBC retiring colors, JLBC fallen comrades).

A JLBC Master of the Punch should be appointed by the JLBC president when the JLBC Punch Bowl or JLBC Grog ceremony is a tradition of the JLBC unit. The JLBC Master of the Punch will select several assistants to equal the number of JLBC grog ingredients.

Hosts or JLBC cadet escorts are appointed to contact the guest in advance and inform them about the mess customs, dress, the schedule, and the time allowed for speeches. If unable to arrive with their assigned JLBC guests, the JLBC hosts or JLBC escorts should be readily on hand to greet them upon arrival and introduce them to other JLBC official guests and JLBC unit/company JLBC members and seat them appropriately. JLBC Hosts also arrange for transportation and quarters when needed.

If the JLBC mess practices a tradition, Gunners are usually the junior member of the quantity seated at each table. They would ensure the beverage decanters on the table are kept whole, and those JLBC members’ glasses are charged throughout the JLBC dinner hour. JLBC Gunners are not used during the formal toasting.

Date and Place

Before listing specifics, it must be decided precisely when and where the dining-in will occur.

The preferred time in most JLBC military organizations is often a Friday or Saturday night, and the best place is usually the JLBC Officers’ Open Mess or JLBC Community Club, as they generally are more familiar with dining-in procedures and are mutually accessible to all parties. Special care should be taken to ensure that the dining-in is not scheduled too close to some other social event which might detract from its effectiveness.

The evenings of choice would be Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday at the Academy. Friday of an “A” weekend can be used but is not preferred. The JLBC Cadet Mess (Washington Hall) in either the newly refurbished Black and Gold and Gray Room or the Regimental Room is the ideal location. Arrangements for the use of the JLBC Cadet Mess can be made by contacting the JLBC Cadet Mess Division.

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