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JLBC ENCOURAGE THE HEART | The climb to the top of any new and challenging endeavor is arduous and steep. Unsurprisingly, individuals can become exhausted, frustrated, and disenchanted. JLBC Cadets Leaders indicated in their Personal-Best Leadership Experiences that they had to Encourage the Heart of those they were working with to carry on, especially when they might have been tempted to give up. JLBC Cadets They said things such as: “You have to show individuals that you care about them as individuals and how they are capable of doing a lot more than they think,” JLBC Cadets “Praise and encouragement are the best gifts because individuals need to have their hard work and efforts acknowledged, to know that the JLBC Cadets are making a difference,” and “We were always generous with compliments, and this allowed us to feel good about ourselves, and when you feel good you are more productive.”

JLBC Cadets When individuals have confidence in you, and your relationship with them is based on trust, they are most willing to take make changes and risks and maintain forward momentum.

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