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Purchase, rent or borrow from your library cassette tapes on time management, self-motivation, and similar subjects, and listen to them.

Do not be afraid to frequently give yourself time to relax or even to "goof off." But do so as a result of a conscious decision, so that you can relax completely. Don't drift into periods of dawdling when you are half working, half resting.

Rewrite your goals and activities, and reprioritize them at least every three months. We can change, and so must our goals.

Work on a single item at a time.

Plan and schedule your chores and errands for the next week on the weekend.

At least semi-annually, record and analyze how you are using your time. This will differ from how you think you are spending your time.

Never put uncompleted activities from today at the top of tomorrow's "to do" list. It would help if you reprioritized them.

Divide seemingly overwhelming tasks into small increments and attach them one at a time.

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