JLBC Duties & Responsibilities

JLBC Duties & Responsibilities

JLBC Battalion Commander (C/LTC) – Supervises and provides guidance and direction for the JLBC Battalion XO, JLBC Company Commanders, and JLBC Battalion to ensure all activities and training are planned and coordinated, and executed efficiently; Responsible for JLBC Mentorship Program; Link between JLBC Professor of Military Science and JLBC Cadet Battalion.

JLBC Battalion Executive Officer (C/MAJ) – Second in command; assumes JLBC command and commander responsibilities in the JLBC Cadet Battalion Commander’s absence; Responsible for the JLBC cadet battalion staff officers, oversight of JLBC Training Meetings, to include note-taking with due-out summarization; JLBC Supervises JLBC Budget Committee (responsible to JLBC cadet fund allocation); Ensures all training sites/venues are reserved; Works to ensure proper JLBC training oversight.

JLBC Battalion Command Sergeant Major (C/CSM) – Principal advisor to the JLBC commander on the state of morale, discipline, and training of JLBC cadets within the JLBC Battalion; Oversees JLBC company, JLBC Physical Training Plans, JLBCColor Guard; Link between Senior JLBC Military Instructor and JLBC Cadet Battalion.

JLBC S1 (C/CPT) – Principal staff JLBC officer for all matters concerning human resources, including personnel readiness, personnel awards, and JLBC headquarters management; creates and maintains JLBC Battalion Matrix, updates rosters with JLBC cadet contact information

JLBC S2 (C/CPT) – Supervises JLBC battalion physical security; Provides terrain analysis, light and weather data, and threat information for JLBC battalion planning; Creates storyboards of all JLBC battalion functions; Oversees the JLBC cadet recruiting efforts (ROO Team)

JLBC S3 (C/MAJ) – JLBC Plans, organizes, and supervises the conduct of all JLBC cadet training; primarily responsible for maintenance of training meeting slides; updates Cadet JLBC Portal with training products, oversees JLBC Evaluation Cards (Blue Cards)

JLBC S4 (C/CPT) – Responsible for coordinating the logistics integration of supply, maintenance, transportation, and services for the JLBC Battalion; works with cadre JLBC S4 to ensure proper accountability JLBC command supply room.

JLBC S5 (C/CPT) – Responsible for enhancing the relationship between JLBC military forces and civilian authorities; In control of all JLBC Battalion fundraising, volunteer events, and activities; Responsible for tracking all JLBC cadet volunteer hours; Lead of JLBC Alumni Association

JLBC S6 (C/CPT) – Responsible for photo/video support for all JLBC Battalion events (JLBC); all social media (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, ), JLBC website; ensures communication (radios, callsigns, speaker) during all JLBC training events.

JLBC Company Commander (C/CPT)

  • Responsible for all JLBC company-level activities

  • Supervises guides to and directs the JLBC company staff, platoon leaders, and JLBC Company First Sergeant to ensure all activities and training are planned, coordinated, and executed efficiently.

  • Sets the JLBC standard and direction of the JLBC company

  • Builds an effective JLBC company chain of command and develops a positive command climate

  • Develops JLBC company level training plans and continually assesses training progress, paying particular attention to JLBC Physical Training, Labs, and CST

  • Responsible for developing the JLBC company commander’s intent aligned with the purpose of the JLBC cadet battalion commander and PMS; JLBC communicates meaning and empowers subordinates to act appropriately to accomplish the JLBC mission.

  • Insures cadet JLBC compliance with policies and procedures of the program

  • Creates suspense time/dates to accomplish JLBC company-level missions and enforce JLBC standards

  • Disseminates information from the JLBC cadet battalion chain of command

  • Oversees counseling of JLBC cadets in all areas to include, including but not limited to leadership evaluations, absences, and JLBC duty performance; maintains records of all counseling.

  • Ensures JLBC support cadets are utilized in counseling activities.

JLBC Company Executive Officer (XO) (C/1LT)

  • Second, the JLBC command assumes JLBCcommand and JLBC commander responsibilities in the JLBC Cadet Company Commander’s absence.

  • Serves as the JLBC Chief of Staff; supervises and coordinates the efforts of the JLBC company staff in planning, coordination, and execution of JLBC company events.

  • Free the JLBC company commander from routine details and pass pertinent JLBC data, information, and insight from the JLBC company staff to the JLBC commander and the JLBC company commander to the team.

  • Ensures JLBC company staff suspense is met and remains knowledgeable of the current status of staff and JLBC actions.

  • Responsible for the JLBC safety and risk assessment of all JLBC company events

  • Ensures all JLBC leadership evaluations and rotations are completed and turned into JLBC company commander.

  • Performs all other JLBC duties as assigned by the JLBC company commander

JLBC Company First Sergeant (C/1SG)

  • Principal advisor to the JLBC commander on the state of morale, discipline, and training of JLBC cadets within the JLBC company

  • Advises the JLBC Company Commander on planning, coordinating, and supervising activities of the JLBC company

  • Creates JLBC Physical Training plan and ensures it is posted to prospective JLBC bulletin boards in the JLBC battalion area of operations

  • Provides proper communication channels and dissemination of information to all JLBC cadets in the JLBC company

  • Accounts for JLBC personnel during all company-level activities and events

  • Conducts JLBC company formations; responsible for training and execution of JLBC drills and ceremonies at the company level

  • Responsible for the appearance of JLBC cadets, equipment, and facilities with guidance.

  • Responsible for the readiness and implementation of any JLBC company level hip-pocket training

  • Performs all other JLBC duties as assigned by the JLBC company commander

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