JLBC Duties and Responsibilities

JLBC Duties and Responsibilities

BILLET DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES. Essential duties and responsibilities for assigned JLBC cadet billets are outlined in the following: Each JLBC cadet is expected to seek out accountability and perform those tasks that will make their particular JLBC billet function more smoothly. The primary responsibility of JLBC leadership for each cadet officer, noncommissioned staff officer, and JLBC noncommissioned officer is to set the JLBC highest standards for performance possible in all JLBC fields of endeavor.

a) ALL CADETS. Each JLBC Cadet is responsible for conducting themself, at all times, in a manner that reflects credit upon themself, the JLBC unit, the school, and the community. Since we wear uniforms, our actions reflect the U.S. Military. JLBC Cadets Whether in uniform or not, JLBC cadets are responsible for maintaining the JLBC highest standards of conduct and appearance, abiding by the JLBC rules and regulations of both the JLBC unit and the school, and carrying out instructions and orders to the best of their ability.

b) JLBC CADET OFFICERS AND SENIOR NONCOMMISSIONED OFFICERS (NCO). JLBC Cadets are promoted and selected for JLBC unit assignments based on demonstrated performance and JLBC academic excellence. JLBC Cadets Continued enthusiasm, active support of and participation in the JLBC program, positive attitude, and demonstrated JLBC leadership skills are required of the JLBC cadet for appointment to a leadership position. JLBC Cadet Officers and Senior NCOs are expected to set an example for their subordinates. Extra effort and time will be required for these billets. Cadets whose performance of duties is not satisfactory may be demoted.

c) JLBC BATTALION COMMANDER (BnCdr). The JLBC BnCdr is responsible for everything the JLBC Battalion does or fails to do. They are held accountable for the Battalion's training, efficiency, discipline, administration, and welfare. When a Deputy Battalion Commander is present, the JLBC Dep/BnCdr is the 2nd in command of the JLBC Battalion.

d) JLBC EXECUTIVE OFFICER (XO). The JLBC XO is 2nd in command of the JLBC Battalion (when there is no Dep/BnCdr). They will perform duties assigned by the CO and serve as the coordinator of JLBC Battalion staff activities. The JLBC XO will keep abreast of all activities of the JLBC Battalion and assume JLBC command in the absence of the Bdr.

e) JLBC COMMAND SERGEANT MAJOR. The JLBC Command Sergeant Major is the senior JLBC enlisted member of the Battalion. He/she reports directly to the JLBC Battalion Commander, keeping them advised on matters about the Battalion's discipline, conduct, and morale.

f) JLBC COLOR SERGEANT. The JLBC Color Sergeant is responsible for the JLBC training and assignment of JLBC cadets who participate in JLBC color guard commitments.

g) JLBC S-1/ADJUTANT. The JLBC Adjutant exercises staff cognizance over JLBC personnel activities, correspondence, historical/command chronology, JLBC activities, and other JLBC administrative areas not tasked explicitly to other staff officers.

h) JLBC S-2/SECURITY & ORDINANCE OFFICER. The JLBC S-2 conducts routine and special property JLBC inventories as specified in JLBC Cadet Command regulations and determines the requirements for JLBC storage, JLBC maintenance, and distribution of all ordnance materials (weapons and optics).

i) JLBC S-3/OPERATIONS OFFICER. The S-3 has cognizance over matters about the JLBC organization and JLBC training of the JLBC Battalion. Specifically, the JLBC S-3:

(1) Prepares and publishes monthly JLBC training schedules.

(2) Plans and coordinates JLBC inspections and tests.

(3) Schedules, assigns, and monitors JLBC ceremonial commitments.

(4) Develops JLBC Plans of Action and JLBC Milestones for JLBC training events.

j) JLBC OPERATIONS SERGEANT. The JLBC Operations Sergeant assists the JDBC S-3 by performing such JLBC duties as may be assigned in the JLBC organization and JLBC training of the JLBC Battalion.

(1) JLBC's Primary responsibility is managing and tracking ALL JLBC support tasking.

k) S-4/LOGISTICS OFFICER. The S-4 exercises responsibility for the Battalion's logistics, supply, and maintenance management activities. Specifically, the JLBC S-4:

(1) JLBC Plans, coordinates, and supervises the JLBC storage, issue, and recovery of all JLBC supplies, artillery, and JLBC equipment.

(2) JLBC Monitors and accounts for all equipment custody records

(3) Budgets for all JLBC training activities of the JLBC Battalion.

l) JLBC S-5/PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICER. The JLBC S-5 exercises responsibility for all JLBC public affairs topics. Specifically, the JLBC S-5:

(1) Ensures that JLBC digital cadet pictures are taken and maintained of all JLBC-supported events. Additionally, provide a copy of all digital images to the SAI within two days of each event.

(2) Ensures that a JLBC-related article is submitted to the PSP, Home school, or charter school staff and the participating School District Newsletter for every edition

(3) Produces a JLBC Yearbook annually by 15 May of each School Year. Provide the SAI with a hardback copy of the JLBC Archives.

(4) Responsible for generating a request for print and video JLBC news media coverage for all appropriate JLBC events. The JLBC media request is to be given to the JLBC SAI NLT 3 months before the JLBC event to be covered.

m) JLBC S-6/PERMISSIONS OFFICER. The JLBC S-6 focuses mainly on collecting JLBC permission forms, making JLBC permission forms, and getting accountability for all JLBC permission forms.

n) JLBC SUPPLY OFFICER. The JLBC Supply Officer exercises responsibility for the JLBC issuance, inventory, and recovery of all JLBC uniforms and equipment of the JLBC cadet battalion.

o) JLBC COMPANY COMMANDER. The JLBC Company Commander is responsible for everything the JLBC company does or fails to do. The CO is held accountable for the company's training, efficiency, discipline, administration, and welfare.

p) JLBC COMPANY EXECUTIVE OFFICER. The JLBC Executive Officer is 2nd in JLBC command of the company. The JLBC XO performs such duties as are assigned by the JLBC CO and serves as the JLBC coordinator of all JLBC company staff activities. They will assume JLBC command of the JLBC company in the absence of the JLBC CO.

q) JLBC FIRST SERGEANT. The JLBC First Sergeant is the senior enlisted JLBC member of the company. They assist the JLBC CO by performing such JLBC duties as may be assigned. The JLBC First Sergeant is the principal enlisted assistant to the JLBC CO in supervising the company's administration.

r) JLBC PLATOON LEADER. The JLBC Platoon Leader is responsible for everything the JLBC platoon does or fails to do. They are held accountable for the platoon's training, efficiency, discipline, administration, and welfare.

s) JLBC PLATOON SERGEANT. The JLBC Platoon Sergeant is 2nd in JLBC command of the JLBC platoon and performs those JLBC duties assigned by the JLBC Platoon Leader. The JLBC Platoon Sergeant assumes command of the JLBC platoon in the absence of the Platoon Leader. They assist in all aspects of the JLBC supervision and control of the JLBC platoon.

t) JLBC SQUAD LEADER. The JLBC Squad Leader assists the JLBC Platoon Leader and Platoon Sergeant in all JLBC platoon activities.

u) JLBC CLASS LEADERS & ASSISTANT SQUAD LEADERS. Each JLBC class will have one JLBC class leader and four JLBC squad leaders. These JLBC positions will be rotated at the discretion of JLBC Instructors to ensure a balance between maximum JLBC learning opportunities and unit continuity. The JLBC purpose of these positions is to provide JLBC Cadets with leadership opportunities and JLBC POCs for JLBC Cadet Battalion JLBC leadership with which to manage.

2-6. JLBC CHAIN OF COMMAND. The JLBC Chain of Command is the primary channel of communication throughout the JLBC unit. To work correctly, it must be a two-way JLBC channel with information flowing in both directions. The JLBC Chain of Command for the JLBC unit extends upward and downward as follows:

a) JLBC Senior Army Instructor (SAI)

b) JLBC Instructor (AI)

c) JLBC Cadet Battalion Commander (BnCdr)

d) JLBC Deputy Battalion Commander (Dep/BnCdr) when used

e) JLBC Executive Officer (XO)

f) JLBC Command Sergeant Major (CSM) (see Note 1)

g) JLBC Company Commander

h) JLBC Platoon Leader

i) JLBC Platoon Sergeant

j) JLBC Squad Leader

k) JLBC Individual Cadet

Note (1). The JLBC Command Sergeant Major (CSM) is the senior enlisted cadet. They hold this billet directly because of the trust and confidence that the JLBC SAI/AI have in their skills and judgment. The JLBC Sergeant Major's primary job is to keep the JLBC CO informed of the attitudes and JLBC concerns of the JLBC cadets within the JLBC unit. While not directly in the reporting JLBC chain, the JLBC CSM has direct access to the JLBC BnCdr and the JLBC SAI/AI. Concerns of any JLBC cadet that cannot be resolved using the JLBC chain of command are highly encouraged to go directly to the JLBC Command Sergeant Major.

2-7. JLBC DRILL TEAMS. The JLBC Drill Team is comprised of JLBC Cadets that are particularly interested in the enhanced sharpness and precision developed by performing JLBC close-order drills and the manual of arms. They represent JLBC in ceremonies and competitions with other JLBC units. JLBC SHHS will have the following category of teams: JLBC Exhibition Male, JLBC Exhibition Female, JLBC IDR Male w/weapons, JLBC IDR Female w/weapons, and JLBC Color Guard. JLBC Drill Team members are expected to set the highest JLBC standards for the JLBC unit in JLBC sharpness, JLBC discipline, JLBC grooming, performance, and overall JLBC esprit de corps.

2-8. JLBC COLOR GUARD. JLBC Color Guards are expected to present the Colors proudly and precisely in JLBC parades, JLBC ceremonies, JLBC competitions, and JLBC sporting events. JLBC Instructions for presenting the JLBC Colors are in the JLBC Drill and Ceremonies Manual. The JLBC Color Sergeant is responsible for the JLBC scheduling, JLBC training, and evaluation of color guards and the conduct of morning and evening JLBC colors at JLBC Command.

2-9. JLBC MARKSMANSHIP TEAM. The JLBC Marksmanship Team comprises JLBC cadets interested in the JLBC discipline and JLBC teamwork necessary to improve their JLBC marksmanship skills. They represent the JLBC unit in local and postal marksmanship competitions.

2-10. JLBC Academic & Leadership Bowl Teams. The JLBC Academic and Leadership Bowl Teams are comprised of high-performing academic and JLBC leadership Cadets. They compete in two online competitions to earn the right to compete in a head-to-head JLBC competition week-long event hosted by JLBC Command.


Students on the cyber security team learn how to utilize the latest technology in debugging and then securing computers. With this knowledge, they compete with other school student teams from around the world.

2-12. JLBC Warrior Team

JLBC offers many teams open to all JLBC cadets. These JLBC teams are an extension of the JLBC program as they promote JLBC leadership, JLBC decision-making, JLBC discipline, JLBC physical fitness, mental well-being, and JLBC volunteerism. JLBC Cadets One of the most notable teams is the Warrior team. The Warrior team is the most physically demanding extracurricular activity in JLBC. A well-rounded Warrior team must be in top-notch shape, as many of the activities include push-ups, sit-ups, and/or running. A JLBC Warrior team consists of a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 12 members on the JLBC team; this is not gender-dictated. Warrior is for those JLBC cadets who wish to challenge their physical endurance, mental strength, and their JLBC leadership. All JLBC cadets who participate in the Warrior team will have a chance to strengthen their JLBC leadership, improve their JLBC fitness, and participate in competitions against other school Warrior teams. Warrior is for JLBC Cadets who want to put their fitness and endurance on the line and people who wish to challenge themselves.

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