SGM Smith: Mr. Vice: SGM Smith:

Mr. Vice:

SGM Smith: All:

21 “Mr. Vice, I would like to propose a


“SGM Smith, what is the nature of your toast?”

“Mr. Vice, In keeping with this most auspicious occasion of honoring a tradition that has endured through the centuries, I would like us to remember another long-standing tradition, that of the first toast

of the evening being offered to the Commander in Chief, The President.”

“SGM Smith, I find your toast to be most appropriate. Please rise with a charged glass for the traditional toast.” (Raps gavel twice. All mess members rise and stand behind their chairs with a charged glass held at waist level.) “SGM Smith, propose your toast.”

“Fellow Noncommissioned Officers, I propose a toast to the Commander in Chief, The President of the United States.”

“To the President.”

(Members of the Mess will remain standing until all the toasts are completed)

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