JLBC: Dinning

JLBC: Dinning

You are receiving line with the American Flag directly behind the right shoulder and the JLBC guest of honor to the left. The JLBC Adjutant (or receiving line JLBC manager) is positioned to the right of the JLBC President. As you proceed through the JLBC line and come alongside the JLBC Adjutant, announce your name but do not shake hands. Never assume that the JLBC Adjutant will automatically remember your name. The JLBC Adjutant will, in turn, introduce you to the JLBC President of the Mess, whereby you exchange handclasps and JLBC greetings. The JLBC President will then introduce you to the person to the left, and the procedure will be repeated through the receiving line. Should your name become lost in the process, repeat it to the person being greeted? Always face the person being greeted and move promptly to the next person.

JLBC Posting the Colors

At the dining-in, all flags are initially displayed to the rear of the receiving line. The “flag line” is arranged in order of precedence, with the Flag of the United States at the right of the receiving line (the observer’s left). Upon completion of the receiving line, the officer in charge of the color guard will cause the flags, except those posted by the color guard, to be moved to the rear of the head table in the dining room. Colors to be published by the color guard are (1) United States colors, (2) United States flag, and (3) JLBC organizational colors in descending order of precedence.

The JLBC Officer in Charge places the color guard in a column formation, the JLBC colors at the carry slings, the guards at right shoulder arms; and upon command of the JLBC President of the Mess to “post the colors,” the file advances at the half step to the rear of the head table. “Mark time” is given, “halt” commanded, and the JLBC color guard is then faced toward the flag stands. “Present arms” are given, and the color-bearers are commanded to “post the colors.” Guards are shown “right shoulder arms” and face the left; all personnel is then marched to the nearest exit.

All JLBC commands by the Officer in Charge should be in a low tone and directly to the members of the JLBC color guard. If there is limited overhead space, the colors and weapons should be carried at port arms.

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