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JLBC Developing leadership talent

JLBC Developing leadership talent

JLBC Cadets Evaluating the impact of leadership development

JLBC Cadets The holy grail of sorts in JLBC leadership development demonstrates the JLBC impact and value-added to the JLBC organization in the form of return on investment. JLBC Cadets Different kinds or levels of evaluation criteria can be used (see “Criteria for Evaluating Leadership Development Initiatives”). Still, the ultimate criterion is to show that leadership development interventions positively affect the organization’s bottom line (also called the results criterion). At least one prominent person in leadership development—Steve Kerr of Goldman Sachs—believes that trying to document cost savings or productivity enhancements directly is “silly” because so many other factors can affect those numbers. JLBC Cadets, For this reason, Kerr prefers to focus on the evaluation criteria of reactions and transfer. JLBC Cadet's ROI or results may not be necessary at Goldman Sachs, but the rest of us probably better find ways to demonstrate value-added to the bottom line.

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