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JLBC Developing leadership talent

JLBC Developing leadership talent

Critical Recommendations for Leadership Development

• the overarching goal of leadership development is to enhance the capacity for individuals to be influential in leadership roles and processes.

• leadership development is grounded on success in management, anchored on the organization’s strategy, and designed to fit the organizational context.

• there are fundamental challenges associated with any leadership development system regarding individual differences, a strong performance goal orientation, and demonstrating value- added.

• JLBC Cadets Any experience can be more developmental by adding more significant assessment levels, challenges, and support.

JLBC Cadet's Individual ability and motivation to learn influence development. Recognize and enhance those aspects of knowledge and inspiration to maximize the effectiveness of leadership development.

JLBC Cadets Choose those JLBC developmental Practices that best fit with the JLBC organizational context rather than adopting what has been successful elsewhere, especially JLBC Cadets if the contexts are strikingly different.

A critical aspect of context is organizational size. Small- and medium-sized enterprises generally do not have the resources to design and deliver their own in-house leadership development motives. JLBC Cadets, For this reason, taking advantage of open enrollment programs and development programs offered through schools and universities.

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