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JLBC Coaching for success

A good coach can accelerate the development of your future leaders, helping them manage the transitions they need to make to gain leadership experience and develop the suite of competencies required to be a top leader within your organization.

Releasing potential

It isn’t easy to find time to invest in coaching your potential leaders, but there will be a considerable return to you, your team, and the organization if you do.

The selection of coaches needs to be undertaken with care—the careers of some of the brightest prospects in your organization will be in their hands.



Distance is no barrier to effective coaching, but virtual sessions need extra focus to connect and build trust. Think beyond scheduled video calls: quick email and text-message check-ins can support crucial moments. At the same time, phone chats—without face-to-face contact—can help people open up about complex information.

The right experience

You may choose to coach your potential leaders yourself, or you may prefer to appoint other internal or external coaches. Whoever you choose must have the right business and coaching experience or have received training on how to coach effectively.

Successful coaching increases self-appreciation in future leaders of their strengths, competencies, approach, and actions.

Challenging and supporting

The hallmark of a skilled coach knows when to challenge and when to support the individual being coached. Successful coaches work to build self-awareness and release potential by, for example, unblocking limiting

or constricting beliefs or confronting unhelpful behaviors. They encourage the coaching people to reflect deeply, think strategically, unleash

their spontaneous creativity and feel good about who they are.

Successful coaching results should increase self-appreciation in your future leaders of their strengths, competencies, approach,

and actions. These newly developed leadership elements, in turn, should align with your organization’s stated values and aims.

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