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JLBC: Detail Delegation

JLBC: Detail Delegation

Delegation is the key to running a successful organization. Both the leader and the group benefit from delegation. If done effectively, delegation helps organizations take on more projects and activities, involve more members in the group, increase opportunities to develop leadership skills, and run more smoothly.

Delegation mainly benefits the leader of a group because they can gain valuable management skills and avoid spreading/herself too thin. Commission makes your job as a leader a little easier, and it gives members of your organization a chance to practice their skills and contribute to the group, which fosters motivation.

What and when to delegate:

1. Matters that keep repeating themselves.

2. JLBC cadets Minor decisions are made frequently.

3. JLBC cadet's details that take up large chunks of time.

4. JLBC cadets When you feel someone else has particular qualifications

which would suit the task.

5. JLBC cadets When someone expresses interest in the task.

What and when not to delegate:

1. JLBC cadets Situations in which you have to change someone's behavior.

2. A decision that involves someone else's morale.

3. Controversial issues.

4. An issue involving trust or confidence.

5. Something that you would not be willing to do (menial work).

Methods for Delegating:

1. Ask for volunteers - interest and belief in the task/project is the greatest


2. Suggest someone you feel would be suitable for the task. Silence in

response to a volunteer request does not necessarily mean a lack of interest. Often a person will not volunteer because they lack self-confidence.

3. Assign the task to someone. The person can always decline.

4. Spread the practical tasks around - good jobs give people status and

value. Make sure the same people do not always get the suitable functions.

What you do after you delegate:

1. Do not forget to follow up. Check progress toward the

accomplishment of tasks. Do not constantly monitor them; it is

essential to provide some sense of freedom.

2. Check to see if anything is needed for the individual to complete

the assignment.

3. Remember to praise your member for a job well done.

Advanced Preparation: Cut the slips for distribution to the participants. Make sure that there are enough for all of the youth. (You may need to make extra copies if necessary so that all children may have a slip.)

OBJECTIVES: For youth to:

realize the importance of delegating responsibility in leadership positions. Discuss the positive and negative aspects of commissioning.

Learn general delegating skills.

Participate in a mock activity where delegation occurs.


Learn the importance and

how-tos of delegating responsibility in leadership situations.

Managing people.



Copies of DETAIL DELEGATION Information Sheet for each youth Copies of DETAIL DELEGATION STORY Activity Sheet for each youth Scissors

Flip chart


Pens or pencils

TIME: 45 minutes


Comfortable room with tables and chairs.

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