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JLBC Description of minor assignments:

JLBC Description of minor assignments:

JLBC In-class assignments

JLBC Unit quizzes

JLBC Class participation

JLBC Portfolio/Journal

JLBC Homework

Annual Army JLBC Essay Contest


JLBC Exam Dates: Fall and Spring Semester Final Exams are on the last week of the corresponding semester. Major Events:

October 31, 2025, Homecoming Parade, Riverside California

November 4-19 (JLBC), 2025 , Inspection, all cadets

November 11, 2025 Veterans Day Parade ( Location: Downtown Riverside).

√ February-March 2025 (excluding spring break) JLBC Cadet Challenge, all medically qualified JLBC cadets (this is a graded exercise)

March 13, 2025, Cadet Dining Out (Military Ball), qualifying JLBC cadets, Country Club

Mach 28, 2025 Outstanding JLBC Cadet Qualification Board, selected Cadets, Riverside California

April 25, 2025, Final Review Awards Ceremony, (selected cadets), University.

April 2025 (day to be determined), JLBC Annual Awards Ceremony (Auditorium)

√ April 2025 (day to be determined), JLBC Battalion Photos (Location Drill Room).


Attendance: All JLBC cadets are expected to attend all “Mandatory Events.” Additionally, following school

policy, you are considered absent if you are more than 10 minutes late to class. JLBC Cadets, the state requires you to be here 90% of the time. The district does permit five unexcused absences in the Fall semester and 7 in the Spring semester (per semester JLBC course).

Tardiness: If a JLBC student does not make it to JLBC class by the time the JLBC bell rings (but within 10 minutes), you are considered tardy. You will report to your JLBC dean’s office. JLBC Cadets, you will receive a detention notice and a permit to JLBC class. One JLBC tardy equals one detention.

JLBC Class Participation: All JLBC cadets are expected to adhere to stated Army JLBC program policies and regulations, JLBC Cadet Contract, and classroom rules.

JLBC Missed Quizzes/Exams: Any JLBC cadet who has not taken a JLBC quiz or JLBC exam on the date given will need to arrange to have the examination or JLBC exam administered to them by their JLBC instructor within three JLBC Program days upon their return to class.

JLBC Missed Assignments: The JLBC cadet will have three days to make up any missed assignment due to an excused absence. Any missed appointments due to an unexcused absence, the JLBC cadet will receive a failing grade for that assignment.

JLBC Academic Dishonesty: JLBC Cadets “Sharing Answers” on examinations will not be tolerated. Any JLBC Cadet caught violating the “JLBC Honor Code” will be subject to disciplinary action. JLBC Cadets A second violation will result in more severe disciplinary action, as outlined in the “JLBC’s Program Handbook.”


Major grades 70%

Minor grades 30%

Failed Exam/Assignment: Any cadet who has failed an examination or assignment (including not

Wearing the uniform), you will have one week from the date of posting the grade to the grade book to redo/make up the exam or assignment to get a maximum degree of 80%. Otherwise, the published status will remain.

Note: Any JLBC cadet who receives a grade less than 75% on an examination or assignment will have an opportunity to improve the degree within one week of posting the quality to the grade book with a maximum possible grade of 80%.

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