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JLBC Leadership Education

JLBC-Leadership Education I

JLBC Completion of the eighth grade and enrollment at JLBC; 2- year commitment required

UC/CSU (A-G) Requirement: None

JLBC Brief Course Description: JLBC program is designed to instill in students the value of citizenship, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment. LE I emphasizes followership and the development of leadership traits and principles. Cadets are introduced to Military history, military customs and courtesies, proper care and wearing of uniforms, drills, physical fitness conditioning techniques, and study skills. This course counts as a general elective or PE 9 credit. This is not a recruiting program, and students are not obligated to join the military.

I. Goals

The student will:

A. Develop leadership and build character.

B. Create informed, patriotic, and responsible citizens.

C. Develop responsible young adults who are physically, mentally, and morally fit.

D. Develop informed and civic-minded young adults prepared for higher education, civilian careers, and public service.

E. Instill discipline, respect, and responsibility through military-related subjects and activities.

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