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JLBC Evaluation Sheet

“JLBC Appearance “Confidence

“JLBC Audience Appeal “Voice and speech “Subject

“JLBC Introduction and Summary “Equipment

“Working Area and Habits “Display

Are you well-groomed and dressed nicely? How is your posture?

Are you at ease? Confident? (or at least appear that way)

Do you get everyone's attention? Do you look them in the eye? Are you friendly?

Do you sound enthusiastic? Are your words pronounced clearly? Are your sentences organized?

Was your demonstration subject interesting to your audience? Did you have enough to talk about, and was it all true?

Was your introduction clever and short? Did you go back over the main points in your summary?

Was it in good condition? Was it easy to use? When you were finished with everything, did you put it away?

Did you work neatly? Could your audience see what you were doing?

Was your finished product nicely displayed?

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