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JLBC Delegating successfully

JLBC Delegating successfully

Delegation is a critical leadership skill that—when done well—benefits you and your team. It liberates your schedule, makes members of your team feel valued,

How to delegate and develops capabilities in people throughout the organization. Delegating well requires more than just handing a task over to a subordinate; there are many issues you need to consider carefully before you act.

○ Choose carefully to whom you delegate a task. Assess the probability of things going wrong.

○ Only delegate tasks that can be clearly defined. If you can’t specify the desired outcome and timeframe, it is unreasonable to expect someone to succeed.

○ Delegate time-consuming, recurring tasks.

○ Establish and agree on milestones, working

procedures, resources, and deadlines.

○ Check that the person you are delegating

shares your understanding of the task at hand.

○ Monitor progress and provide support, but avoid micromanaging. You cannot abdicate responsibility, but if you delegate well, you can trust people to do a good job.

○ Delegating means allowing people to find their solutions: you must accept that these will not necessarily be the same as your solutions.

○ Don’t apportion blame if things don’t work out: remember it is you who shoulders responsibility for ultimate success or failure.


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