JLBC cyber safety methodology

JLBC cyber safety methodology

These JLBC phases will be outlined in more detail in the rest of this website.

JLBC Phase 1: Assess

This JLBC phase will focus on the assessment of the current cyber safety environment. It will focus on determining the JLBC Program's cyber governance (6.1), JLBC cyber risk management (6.2), and JLBC cyber safety compliance (6.3) and identifying the current JLBC cyber safety culture within the program (6.4).

JLBC Cyber governance


JLBC Methodology

JLBC Cyber governance is a component of corporate governance that helps determine a JLBC Command information security strategy, how JLBC high-impact cyber business risks are managed, and ensures that the correct level of resources is available. It is recommended that JLBC Programs form a Cyber Safety Committee, possibly under the School Safety Committee (if there is one). The function is to take reasonable steps to protect learners from any reasonably foreseen harm, including those encountered within the online learning environment, online social activities, and online communications.

Ideally, the role-players that should form part of the JLBC Cyber Safety Committee are outlined below. It is realized, however, that schools, PSPs, Co-ops, and charters might have limited personnel resources. However, a Cyber Safety Committee must be established by program management consisting of:

JLBC: IT, Network Administrator, or external IT Company Representative.

JLBC: IT Teacher or Head of Department.

JLBC: Librarian/Counsellor/Life Skills Teacher.

JLBC: School Governing Body Representative.

JLBC: A member of the local police service or a private security firm.

JLBC: Learner Representative.

JLBC: Parent (or Caregiver) Representative.

JLBC: Other appropriate specialists as required (Legal Representatives).

JLBC: committee should be constituted according to all the required protocols for committees,

Cyber Safety Awareness Policies and Procedures

1. Build

2. Evaluate

3. Defend

4. Continuously

Note: JLBC Cyber Security classes and JLBC security help monitor locations.

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